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An open letter to the Mayor of Greater Manchester

08 May 2017

On 5th May 2017, Greater Manchester elected its first Metropolitan Mayor, Labour's Andy Burnham. New Charter and other Greater Manchester Housing Providers have been campaigning for the last few months to ensure that whoever was elected has housing at the forefront of their agenda and are willing to end homelessness, build new affordable houses and create new opportunities. 

The Greater Manchester Housing Providers' network (GMHP), of which we are a member, has written an open letter to Andy Burnham, congratulating him on his victory and re-iterating the importance of housing as a sector. To view and download a copy of the letter, please click the link below. 

An Open Letter to Andy Burhnam 

Alternatively, the letter has been transcribed in full below:


An open letter from Greater Manchester Housing Providers

Dear Mr Burnham

On behalf of the Greater Manchester Housing Providers (GMHP), congratulations on winning the election and becoming the first Mayor of Greater Manchester.

You have a unique opportunity to end the region’s housing crisis and a critical role to play in transforming Greater Manchester for future generations.

GMHP share your priorities and the collective role we play in communities across the city region means we can help you achieve the promises you have made. We want to work with you to grow the region’s economy and deliver the homes local people have said Greater Manchester desperately needs.

Together we can increase the supply of affordable homes, tackle homelessness and create jobs and growth as we invest and build throughout Greater Manchester.

Hundreds of thousands of people are rightly proud to call here their home. But with rising house prices, increases in private rents and growing homelessness, affordable housing in the region is beyond the reach of far too many. Our research has shown eight out of ten people in Greater Manchester believe there is a shortage of affordable homes in the region.

We’ve been campaigning for everyone in Greater Manchester to live in a home they can afford, and the public has spoken.

It’s now time for us to get on with the job and work together to achieve that goal, build homes and end the housing crisis. Greater Manchester expects and we can help.


Yours sincerely,


Jon Lord

Chair of the GMHP Group

on behalf of Greater Manchester Housing Providers