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Great Benefits

You can expect to receive first class benefits, such as a career average pension scheme, training and career development, as well as an award-winning commitment to work/life balance.

At New Charter not only will we offer you the chance to make a difference every day, we’re also pleased to offer you some really GREAT benefits.

Pension Scheme

Members of the Local Government Pension Scheme and Social Housing Pension Scheme receive benefits that are based on their career average. As members of these schemes you will enjoy;

  • A monthly pension when you retire that is index linked so it doesn’t depreciate
  • A tax-free lump sum when you retire
  • A pension and lump sum if you become too ill to work.

If you earn enough to pay tax and National Insurance, you’ll also:

  • Pay lower National Insurance contributions each month (LGPF only)
  • Pay less tax each month.

Your family or other beneficiaries will receive:

  • Three times your gross salary in the event of your death
  • A pension for your spouse, civil partner or nominated cohabiting partner
  • Pensions for your dependent children if they are under the age of 18 or under 23 in continuing education.

Our pension schemes are known as defined benefit plans. This means your employer promises to pay you a certain amount when you retire. Most employers are starting to close their defined benefit pension schemes to new staff but we are proud to still keep our pension schemes open.

Generous Holidays

All annual leave is well above the statutory minimum and increases after five years’ service.

Generous Sick Pay

The occupational sick pay you receive is above and beyond the statutory sick pay provisions.

Generous Maternity and Adoptive Pay

The occupational maternity and adoptive pay that you receive are above and beyond the statutory provision. It’s important to us that we support you as much as we can at such an important time.

Buy or Sell Holidays

You can buy up to five days’ extra annual leave entitlement or sell up to five days’ of your annual leave entitlement each year. Subject to Line Manager approval.


Flexi-time allows you to take up to one extra day off per month provided that you’ve accrued enough hours and have Line Manager approval. It’s really handy for those times when you need to come in a little later or you need to leave work early.

Flexible Working

We were one of the first local organisations to allow all employees the opportunity to request flexible working, subject to business needs and Line Manager approval. We now have a large number of people enjoying a much better work/life balance as a result.

Childcare Vouchers

New Charter has been supporting and promoting the provision of childcare vouchers for years. The value of the vouchers is taken from your wages before you pay tax and National Insurance.

Free Access to the Internet

New Charter provides free access to the internet for you in non-working time.

Free Chilled Water

We all know the virtues of drinking more water, so we’ve placed water machines in all the kitchen areas. Still or sparkling - the choice is yours!

Counselling Services

There are times when personal or work related issues can preoccupy your mind to the point where your work starts to suffer. This is why we provide a facility where you can access a professional and confidential counselling service.


The Company runs a corporate health cash plan for employees.  The benefits of this scheme include reductions off eye care, dental, health screening, physiotherapy, consultations, scans and much more.  You can find out more by contacting Human Resources.  You can also look at the following link SimplyHealth [1]

Smoking Cessation

Ever felt like kicking the habit? Well, we’re right behind you. We support the NHS Smoking Cessation Programme and will refund any prescription charges associated with smoking cessation.

Building Company Discounts

Why not save a bit of cash on your DIY purchases and see what you can get at a discounted rate from our New Charter Building Company!

Health Screening

We’ve always taken a proactive approach to managing health and well-being so it makes sense to us to offer periodic health screening at a subsidised cost. You can even attend during working hours. A qualified nurse carries out the screening and each session involves height/weight, body mass index, cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar measurement.

Cash Box Credit Union Christmas Savings Club

Make saving for Christmas as easy as possible by joining the Cash Box savings club. Nothing could be simpler, a deduction is made from your wages each month and in November,  just when you need it the most, you’ll receive the money back, either into your bank account of onto a pre-paid debit card.

The Learning Centre

If you’ve ever fancied learning something our new Learning Centre could help. It delivers a diverse range of courses and can respond to individual requests. It operates only to cover the costs of the training provided and is even open to family members. We can offer courses varying from yoga, pilates and tai chi to photography, Spanish, French, and even flower arranging.

Cycle to Work

We’ve been operating the Government’s Cycle to Work Scheme since 2006 and it’s a great opportunity to save money on the purchase of a bike if you’ve been thinking of getting fit and cycling to work.

Payroll Services

Did you know that the Payroll Department could actually help to save you time and make life that little bit easier? Did you know that you could:

  * Have rent deducted from your wages (if you’re a tenant)

  * Have council tax deducted from your wages (if you live in Tameside)

  * Have money transferred into a savings account of your choice

  * Have money deducted directly from your wages to pay for Asda vouchers,

Healthcare payments, Trades Union subscriptions and charity donations.

Special Benefits at Christmas

We love Christmas at New Charter, so we’ve tried to make it really special for you and your family. Examples of things we have done include:

   * Putting on a pantomime for you to attend with your children

   * Provided you with at least two additional days’ holiday over the

    Christmas break, which you don’t have to take from your own holiday

    entitlement. This way you have an extra long break with your family. We

    even close the offices at midday on Christmas Eve

  * Organised a Christmas party on the last Friday before Christmas where

    everything’s free – the ticket, the food, the drinks, the DJ!